Sandy Galabada | Photographer


Let’s Film

Introducing my first-ever film photography album! These photos were captured on my first two film reels, and I’m excited to share them with you on Behance.I’ve always been interested in the art of film photography and the way it captures moments in time. There’s something magical about the way film photographs turn out, with their unique grain and texture, that can’t be replicated with digital photography.

For this project, I used a vintage film camera to shoot a variety of subjects and scenes, from portraits to landscapes. The process of shooting film was a new experience for me, and I found myself slowing down and taking my time to compose each shot.The resulting photos are a mix of candid moments and carefully crafted compositions, all with a timeless feel that only film photography can provide. From the soft hues of a sunset to the sharp lines of an urban cityscape, each photo tells a story and captures a feeling.
I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my journey as a film photographer. And who knows, maybe these photos will inspire you to try film photography for yourself.