Sandy Galabada | Photographer


Street Photography in Little India Singapore

Featuring the vibrant streets of Little India in Singapore. Using my Sony A7III camera along with a Sony 35mm Zeiss lens and 85mm Samyang f1.4 lens, I captured stunning street photography that showcases the energy and cultural richness of this unique neighborhood.
From the bustling markets to the stunning architecture and colorful street art, Little India is a feast for the senses. I aimed to capture the essence of the neighborhood and the daily life of the people who call it home.
Each image in this album has been carefully edited using Lightroom Classic, where I played with color, contrast, and shadows to bring out the full potential of the scenes. The Sony Zeiss lens and Samyang f1.4 lens provided incredible sharpness and clarity, allowing me to capture even the smallest details of the street scenes.
I hope that these images transport you to the streets of Little India and give you a taste of the vibrant culture and energy that can be found in this beautiful neighborhood. Whether you are a street photography enthusiast or simply someone who loves to explore new places, I believe that you will find something to love in this album.