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Where to do Street Photography in Singapore?

By : Sandy Galabada

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Singapore is often one of the first places that comes to mind when thinking of street photography in Asia. While street photography can and should be done anywhere, Singapore is undoubtedly the best place to explore the fusion of Asia for this genre. The experience of photographing here should be experienced by every street photographer once in a lifetime.

Singapore’s culture is diverse, including Chinese, Malay, Western, and Indian influences. 5.4 million people of all types and backgrounds live here, all interacting and bumping into each other on the street corners. Buildings and people in each neighbourhood have their own individual styles and flair. There are certain parts of the city where you can walk a few blocks and feel as if you’re in a completely different place. There are seemingly endless sources of inspiration.

It is no surprise that Singapore is one of the most photographed places in Asia, as there is so much happening here that you can uncover unique moments at every turn. You’ll encounter unique, special, and nuanced moments that you won’t easily find anywhere else, especially if you visit and explore for longer periods of time.Here are my favourite tips for capturing the people and spirit of Singapore and my favourite places as a resident and street photographer. 

Where to do Street Photography in Singapore?

Take some time to simply get lost without a destination in mind before I give you my list of favourite places to capture street photography in the city.You will find that street photography is fun when you get lost and explore, and you will capture some of your favourite moments this way. The best thing to do would be to take the bus or MRT to a random stop and take some unplanned time to walk.


Chinatown is one of the few areas in Singapore that retains the majority of its unique culture. The streets are lovely, colourful, and historic. People look authentic and decent in photographs, and there are great sites everywhere.

On weekends and weekday afternoons, if you arrive through the Maxwell MRT, respectfully observe (and politely photograph) the individuals playing Chinese chess. You can also take Exit C of the Chinatown MRT to People’s Park Complex, where you will find many original Chinese restaurants and businesses. The majority of the residents who live here are older adults.

If you go to Chinatown during a festival, such as Chinese New Year or Vesak, you will notice a lot of decorations. Chinatown is also one of the best places to photograph at night as well as during the day (evening).

China Town

Little India   

Little India is a fantastic traditional Indian neighbourhood to explore if you want to learn about Indian culture, heritage, Hindu temples, Indian food, and people. You can start your street photography tour at the Tekka Centre, a typical wet market and food court selling fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and dry items. Then you can move down to Bubolo Road or Serangoon Road or to find additional stores, eateries, teahouses, tailors and walk towards Mustafa Centre, and friendly people to shoot. This neighbourhood is also a fantastic option for night-time street photography, especially if you visit during Deepavali, the Hindu festival of light, which is held in October or November and features many decorations and lights.

Little India Singapore

Geylang Road

Geylang is also one of the greatest areas in Singapore for street photography. It has a lot of traditional restaurants, spas, pubs, and colourful fruit and vegetable shops. You may start from the Paya Lebar end and walk towards Kallang, the complete distance of the street is around 2km, and the best time for street photography is in the evening, when the sun sets and creates wonderful shadows and shapes that will be extremely useful for street photographers.

Furthermore, if you visit the street at night, you can use neon signs and different light works in your images to create a unique and retro style. There are two other streets parallel to Geylang Street (Guillemard Rd and Sims Ave )that have the same mood as Geylang Street and can be considered for street photography.

Heylang road Singapore

CBD Area

Street photography is more than just capturing individuals; if you enjoy cityscape street photography, the CBD area is my top recommendation. It will present you with some fantastic opportunities for street photography. They have a mix of stylish modern buildings, historic skyscrapers, and traditional temples. The options are limitless.

Just make sure you go at the correct time. This area will be crowded during the week, but may be deserted on hot weekends. You will see very few people if you visit the Robinson Road area on a weekend. In the evenings, there are a lot of tourists in the Lau Pa Sat region. This is because people venture out to hunt for street food. This can be extremely useful and provide for some wonderful street photography.

Streetfood Singapore

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a luxurious, tree-lined one-way street surrounded with unique shopping centres and hotels. provides a wide range of branded retail stores, eateries, and promises to satisfy any taste. This neighbourhood is always crowded with a wide range of individuals looking to enjoy and shop. There are a variety of people to photograph here, including musicians, skaters, bikers, tourists, old people, and students.

Orchard Singapore

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